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We publish and distribute materials relevant to human rights issues throughout B.C. in a variety of ways.  Access our:

Pamphlets and Manuals


Information Bulletins and Notices

Position Papers

Media Materials

Annual Reports

You can also access an online archive of certain materials of the BC Human Rights Commission here.

Pamphlets, Manuals and Other Online Educational Resources:

  • Security and You:  Know Your Rights.  A wallet sized rights card, a brochure and a supplementary website – www.securityandyou.ca explain what guards can and cannot do, what the public’s rights are when interacting with guards and how to make a complaint against a guard.  Cards and brochures can be downloaded from www.securityandyou.ca or contact the Coalition to order directly.  This right's kit is one aspect of a larger project funded by the Law Foundation of B.C which includes the development of training materials based on B.C's human rights legislation for private security and working with government to ensure adequate accountablity mechanisms within the industry. 

  • Online listing of fact sheets, guides and policies on human rights related issues from sources across Canada.  The document is sorted by issue and provides brief descriptions, source identification and online links. 
  • Responding to Incidents of Racism and Hate a comprehensive manual for professional service providers allowing them to access the information, skills and resources required to support victims of racism and to respond to issues that arise in their community .
  • Human Rights – Your Rights To Know provides useful information on identifying human rights discrimination and provides a walk through the formal system of filing a human rights complaint.


Information Bulletins and Notices:

  • Amendments to BC's Human Rights Code came into effect on January 1, 2008 which provide more protection against age-based discrimination. The News section of the Tribunal's website explains the changes and more information is available on the Attorney General's website. 

Position and Discusssion Papers:

  • Submission to the Premier's Council on Aging and Senior's Issues, August 31, 2006.  We suggest a number of revisions to our provincial human rights legislation that would more adequately protect the rights of older British Columbians.  While we also support revising the legislation to prohibit the practise of mandatory requirement, we urge Council to seek a corresponding commitment that a changing retirement landscape would not alter the foundation or the adequacy of our social security system. 
  • A brief statement of the Coalition's position on the Direct Access Tribunal. 
  • Letter to the Premier, March 2004 – Urging government to reconsider its decision to repeal same-sex provisions in the B.C. Cremnation, Internment and Funeral Services Act

Other Materials:

Annual reports: a look at our annual achievements and track record.

Media Materials: a look at materials provided to the media.

Other online educational materials.

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